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Testimonial from Medical Market

“The Cryopen has made the treatment of superficial skin lesions very simple for me. I use the Cryopen on a daily basis. The Cryopen offers precision and efficiency that translates into effectivity and affordability for my patients. I can’t see how any modern medical practice can go without it.”
Dr Pierre van Staden – Broederstroom

Hi I am a country GP where all our patients do not have the luxury of their own Dermatologist around the corner and Liquid Nitrogen is not readily available at the co-op. Cryopen has helped with an effective ,neat, no waste, professional looking device that works very well in all age groups. It has been very convenient and a pleasure to use the device and I can truly recommend it.
Dr Andre Botha – Stilbaai

I have been using a CryoPen for more than 4 years now and find it a most useful tool to have in the practice. It looks and feels good, is easy to use and very efficient. My patients and I have been very satisfied with the results achieved with the CryoPen.
Dr Karin Eksteen – Stellenbosch

Ons het ons cryopen nou seker 4 jaar.  Goeie na verkope diens ervaar en cartridge altyd beskikbaar. Dit is vinnig en effektief om te gebruik met geen pynlike vooraf ingrepe nodig nie. Pasiënte is tevrede en kom graag terug om nog letsels te vries.
Drs Tredoux & Heyns – Vredendal

“I use the cryopen in order to give my patients the best care, with the fine-point applicator it ensures I am accurate and avoid healthy tissue surrounding a lesion. The cryopen is easy, user friendly and the cartridges are always available when you need them.”
Dr Nothnagel – KZN

Accuracy of use is excellent, Wastage of N2O is limited, Clinical results are excellent
Dr AM Goosen – Brakpan

We are very happy with the Cryopen, and very satisfied with the results. Patients are also very happy with the results.
Dr L-M Steenkamp – Sandton

The cryopen is very useful in cases where one requires a more focal application of the cryogen versus trying to freeze a very large area. Read more – Dr Antony Goodhead – Cryosurgery -Periorbital
Dr Antony Goodhead