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Why choose Dermatascope?

Quality components and elegant with superior LED technology providing you with unique illumination in an innovative LED ring affording a homogenous light with a detailed and distortion – free image. …….this is the Luxamed Dermatoscope


What makes the Dermatoscope a game changer?

  1. It improves the management of skin lesion assessments prior to and following treatments.
  2. The design of the head piece facilitates a manual and easy method using your mobile phone to take extremely clear and detailed images of lesions to be assessed or treated. This is an inexpensive yet simple method to manage your patient lesion database. An accurate scale within the headpiece affords monitoring and measurement of skin anomalies e.g. melanoma

IMPORTANT: A Dermatoscope is a specialized microscope that is used for in vivo examination of pigmented skin lesions. In order to distinguish melanocytic from non-melanocytic lesions and determine whether melanocytic pigmented lesions are likely to be malignant. Even though most malignant melanocytic lesions can be identified on the basis of unaided visual inspection alone, there are many lesions that are not readily distinguished by examination with the naked eye.

Following treatment: See the scale to determine exact size up to 9mm. Photo taken with mobile phone through eye piece of Dermatoscope.

A week following treatment: Photo taken with a mobile phone through eye piece of Dermatoscope. Note: No scale

Features of the Dermatoscope

  •  Natural white light
  •  Colour temperature: natural white LED bulbs (approximately 4.2000 k).
  •  Pocket size.
  •  ED ring contains 6 LEDs in a concentric structure and a constant current guaranteeing a considerably longer service life of approximately 100 000 hours.
  •  No replacement lamps required.
  •  Maintenance free.
  •  Stepless zoom affording 10x magnification.
  •  By depressing the on / off button continuously, the Dermatoscope can be adjusted brighter or dimmer to obtain the required luminosity of up to 10 000 lux, when viewing a melanoma for example. The luminosity helps to see through the natural white light as you can see the colours and borders much better when viewed using a yellow light or standard magnifier.
  •  Automatic on when batteries are inserted.
  •  Electronic button for manual on / off.
  •  Automatic off after 3 minutes.
  •  Power supply: 2 x AAA alkaline batteries (included).