As a Veterinarian, you know how people love their pets but don’t want to incur unnecessary costs or painful treatments. Thanks to the Cryopen you can reassure your clients that you can treat their pets’ skin problems quickly, painlessly and at low cost.


CryoPen is a range of powerful but easy-to-use cryosurgery instruments to treat benign skin lesions extremely accurately, quickly, effectively and painlessly – without anesthetic.

In a matter of seconds, you can permanently remove most common animal skin pathologies, such as warts and small skin tumors, tumors in the mouth, adenoma, perianal adenoma, ear tumors, epulides, sarcoids, aberrant or extra eyelashes (distichiasis), and more. With minimal stress and discomfort for your patients – and their owners!

The products at the top of the Cryopen range –  Cryopen X+Cryopen XP and Cryopen B+ – are designed especially to meet your needs.

✓ Perfect for intensive and varied use.
✓ All-purpose tools, also suitable for complex treatments.
✓ Supplied with a wide range of applicators.
✓ Four power levels, to treat all lesion sizes and depths.
✓ 8g, 16g or 23.5g cartridges.

Choose your device that will suit you and your practice the best: