Billing for Cryosurgery – Medical Market

You as a Medical Practitioner can bill for the procedures & for the materials used, as the cartridges are nappi coded.

When you purchase the Cryopen from Sere-med, we will in detail show you how to bill correctly for the use of the Cryopen and the cartridges.

The procedure codes are as follows:

  • 0241                       –                              1st Lesion                             R100-00
  • 0242                       –                              2nd to 10th Lesion              R50-00 per lesion
  • 0243                       –                              Multiple Lesions >10       R530-00 once off

Materials used (0201)

Here you bill for the cartridges used.

  • 8g Cartridge nappi code 511708*002                        R142-00 per cartridge
  • 16g Cartridge nappi code238892*001                      R267-00 per cartridge
  • 23.5g Cartridge nappi code 718077*001                  R 767-00 per cartridge

Amounts paid by medical aids vary on the plan the patient is on. Cartridges can also be billed for in increments when a full cartridge is not used on one patient e.g. 0.3 of a cartridge.

To calculate the increment to bill take the seconds applied like 30 seconds and divide it by the average amount of seconds the cartridge allows for use like with the 16g cartridge that is 200 seconds

30/200 = 0.15 of the cartridge will then be typed into the quantity section of the bill. The system will automatically calculate the amount the patient will be charged.

Due to billing in increments we have worked on an average reimbursement and it will take approximately two boxes of cartridges to pay back any Cryopen purchased from Sere-med.

Billing for Cryosurgery – Veterinarian

There are no medical aids for the Vet market, the billing of a procedure will be +- R 300.00. The consultation fee needs to be added here as well.

You as a Veterinarian can however decide for yourself what amount you want to bill your patients.